How to get rid of acne

Having acne is proved to be one of the most traumatic and stressful experience you can have. It influences your social behaviour and lowers your self-esteem. It often makes you avoid any company and hide in your four walls.
If this is your experience, it is high time to take a close look at your daily routine to find the cause of your skin

Do you use special anti-acne creams and soaps? Not many realize that using those products on a daily basis may worsen the skin condition. Your skin gets oily quickly so you clean it with harsh cleanser that strips all the dirt, bacteria and your natural, essential oils off. In response, your skin generates even more oil to protect itself. To break this vicious circle you should use strong cleaners only twice a week and make sure that your skin is well moisturized. Use hypoallergenic, light creams for sensitive skin every morning to restore the natural oil production.

Do you happen to go to bed without removing your make up? It is worth to do the effort and clean your skin before gong to sleep. The skin cannot breathe and regenerate when it is covered with foundation and powders. Clogged up pores turn into blackheads and pimples. Then the infection spreads onto your face creating acne. It takes a minute and make such a difference.

Wearing a full coverage make-up usually penetrates deep into your skin and traditional cleanser is not always able to clean it properly. It is good idea to use a gentle face scrub at least once a week to remove traces of foundation and the exfoliating skin.

Comforting your nerves with chocolate may be a good idea for reducing the stress level but definitely not for the condition of your complexion. Avoid spicy food, black coffee, and sweets to see how your skin heals. Eat as much vegetables as possible and drink a lot of pure water to hydrate your body from within.

If you have already implemented all those tips and there is no improvement contact the doctor to have your hormone balance checked.

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