Hair Care With Nanoil Hair Oil – My Review

It has natural ingredients, my hair absorbs it very well, it leaves my hairdo velvety soft. Who can guess the product I’m describing? It’s a newcomer – Nanoil hair oil. I’ll tell you something more about the cosmetic but first one important thing: there are three Nanoil hair oils! What does it mean? They are intended

Silky eyeshadow by L’Oreal

How many times did we tred to choose the right eyeshadow colour and it turns out that it looks different once applied, to the one in a package?We often get dissatisfied with the quality of the product. How to make sure that you get what you pay for? Do perfect eyeshadows even exist? One for

How to apply cream eyeshadow

Eye shadow is the basic make-up cosmetic most of us love to use. The most popular ones are those in powder but more and more companies released shadows in the form of a cream. How to put them to get the best effect? There are many ways of doing that. You most popular method of

My long lashes love Nanolash

I haven’t completed two months of the Nanolash treatment yet but I just have to share with you my experience with it. I was absolutely taken aback by how long my lashes have grown so far and I couldn’t keep it for myself any longer. It all started when one of you guys asked me