My long lashes love Nanolash

I haven’t completed two months of the Nanolash treatment yet but I just have to share with you my experience with it. I was absolutely taken aback by how long my lashes have grown so far and I couldn’t keep it for myself any longer.

It all started when one of you guys asked me to test a few lash serums. I didn’t believe in any magical eyelash conditioners so in order to prove they do not work, I have chosen the first serum from the top of the list and I ordered it.

A few days later I’ve received a small package with the Nanolash Serum. I studied the manual thoroughly and I started applying it once a day as it was recommended. It says on the leaflet to use it nightly on clean skin, but as I have more time in the morning, I did it then.



The Serum comes in a nice, black tube and it has a handy brush to distribute the formula precisely on the lash line. I didn’t have any problem applying it and it quickly became a part of my morning routine. I’ve heard that many lash conditioners can cause eye irritation or redness, but I with Nanolash I haven’t experienced any of those.

I had been using it every day for about 3 weeks before I’ve noticed that my lashes were stronger and they were not falling out as they had been before. I remember that after the first month, I started receiving nice comments on my eyes. My lashes were noticeably longer and thicker. It was quite surprising because I haven’t really expected any changes.

Now after 2 months, my lashes are fuller, much darker and I would honestly use a word ‘extremely’ long. I stopped using mascara. I just use my old time favourite Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and I am ready to rock! I must say that I absolutely love this Serum. I could not imagine that my lashes have such a potential and that they may look this amazing.

before and after using Nanolash

Lashes before and after

I will keep using it until I finish the whole tube and then probably will repurchase a twin pack, as my mum wants it as well. As I have used one lash conditioner years ago, that was not working at all; I can give Nanolash 5/5 points with the hand on my heart.

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