How to apply cream eyeshadow

Eye shadow is the basic make-up cosmetic most of us love to use. The most popular ones are those in powder but more and more companies released shadows in the form of a cream. How to put them to get the best effect?CreamEyeshadow

There are many ways of doing that. You most popular method of applying it, is simply with your fingertips. However convenient it is, you may not get the desired result. It definitely won’t be precise and you may leave some smudges on your eyelid. Moreover, because the eye shadow container is usually small and it is difficult to get the product out, and it often gets under your nails.

The best way to apply creamy eye shadows would be to use a tiny sponge. You can get it in any beauty shop. You need to remember not rub it against your eyelid but gently pat it. Before you decide to buy this kind of eye shadow, test it. You can get samples to see how it actually will look on you. Creamy shadows will give you a rather metallic, not mat look.

Another important aspect of choosing the product, is its package. There is nothing worse than a small, tall jar of shadows. Try to imagine getting the product out when it is almost finished. To avoid frustration try to find good shadows in a bigger but still shallow container. Some of the best cosmetic companies has come up with a great idea to produce eye shadows in a plastic tube. Just gently squeeze it and it’ ready. Moreover, since recently there have been on the market cream pencil eye shadows. These are so simple to use that any newbabie should get it first.

Many woman think that cream shadows will not last long contrary to standard powder. It may be true if we use cheap product. If you invest a little bit more, Thre are many waterproof products with extended durability. Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow is one of them. Another important thing is to remember to apply an eye base before you move on to your shades. That will settle the product and protect it from creasing. Cream shadows are not for everybody but it is good to try it for yourself.

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