How to apply fake tan?

We all agree that tanned skin looks beautiful. You can achieve it in three different ways. You can our expose yourself to the Sunrays. It may seem very natural but it is very harmful to your skin. If the sky is cloudy, for a small fee you can use a special sunbed. Although it is very convenient, not many know that Sunbeds give out ultraviolet rays which significantly increase the risk of developing skin cancer . Whats more, some sunbeds give out greater doses of UV rays than the sun. Is there any healthy way you can make your skin look gold? The answer is a ‘fake tan’.fake-tan

Many of you are sceptical when it comes to anything that has a ‘fake’ word in the name.
The fake tan, however, is a great option, on the condition that it looks natural. To get this result, all you need to do is to follow a few, easy steps.

  1. Choose the right product. There is a wide range of tanning lotions, mousses, and sprays available, and it is easy to get lost. If you want to have a nice sun kissed look on your face, choose the product for the face area. It may seem that getting a bigger bottle for the whole body tan will save you a few pennies but, in fact, the formula may leave uneven marks and smudges on your face. When it comes to the shade, pick the light shade and build it up to get the tone you want. The mistake women often make, is that they pick the dark shade, and once applied they get the mask effect.
  2. Use a good scrub to get rid of the exfoliating, dry skin. Wash your face and put your favourite moisturizer on making sure that you give the skin time to absorb it fully. Get the small amount of the tan liquid on your hands first, and then spread it evenly on your face and neck. Make sure that you wash your hands as soon as you finish the application. The tan will be visible within a few hours. If after that time, you think that it is not as dark as you wish. Repeat the whole process. For those who have a problem layering the creamy tan product, use the spray one instead. It will help you avoid smudges and the formula will be distributed evenly.

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